Andi Todaro & Jonathan Saiz



Andi Todaro is a versatile, multi-disciplinary, craftsman and award-winning creative professional, best known for their broad scale and range of practical and impractical knowledge and eccentric dress. Todaro pursues an ever-evolving skill set, fueled by perpetual desire for self-astonishment, be it mastery of a new computer program, mechanical know-how, scale, or experimental process.

Todaro’s unique aptitude for absorbing, processing and implementing new knowledge is the eddy in which deep emotional expression and the inherent compulsion to be productive takes root. Digesting chaos through a dream and metaphysical practice allows for a unique style of integration and deeper understanding of multiple interests in commercial art design, science, geometry, philosophy, astrology, mathematics, game theory, aesthetics, semiotics, social science and linguistics.

“The Spirit of Discovery resides inside Andi. She has made a life long friend of herself, and they frequently collaborate.” –Max Johanson

“"Anything and everything" could be object of artist Andi Todaro's creative canvas. From Runway Model to Graphic Designer, she has got the gamut of creativity covered ten-fold." -Jeanne Connolly

Todaro does at least one crossword a day, and plays lots of video games.


The often-apocalyptic themes in Jonathan Saiz’s work reflect the duality of the artist’s fascination with optimistic irreverence and a foreshadowing of darker things to come. Man-made climate-change, supernatural unknowns and all the social and spiritual upheaval that accompanies them.

His varied subject matter, explored like an intuitive stream-of-consciousness with scores of miniature paintings, drawings and sculptures, add up to glossy, candy-coated visual narratives imbued with existential dread.

“Saiz makes our terrors tangible in his artwork. By acknowledging fears in the periphery of our daily lives or the dark corners of our minds, the mechanisms of control — whether god or government — are disrupted. The gaze is powerful.” - 2016

His paintings have been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine’s “New Contemporary” book 2014, Elle Decor 2015, and Veranda 2016. His 79 original paintings make up the cards of “The Fountain Tarot” a collaborative project that has been featured in Vogue in 2015 and 2016. Jonathan studied at Parsons School of Design in both NYC and Paris and at the Maryland Institute College of Art. He was an artist in residence at Redline in Denver, CO and a visiting artist at the American School of Paris. -*(Bio from K Contemporary)