Anna Charney and B1n4y



Using a wide array of mediums in art and tech, b1n4ry creates engaging places for people to be inspired. His focus on concepts before technology and an ability to draw from his knowledge to deliver concepts in efficient, safe, and effective ways. This comes after years of diverse expressions of graphic design, fine art, video, and lighting design. His BFA in film studies from Regis University gave him a solid base to continue pushing the envelope of artistic expressions. Always seeking more knowledge, b1n4ry works hard to understand the landscape of creative technology and many other fields that help him create the best experiences possible.

Anna Charney

Anna Charney is a painter and muralist of abstract pattern works. Her optical paintings and murals are characterized by their expansive compositions, graphic dot patterning and dense detail. Using acrylic on canvas and aerosol on murals, Charney describes her illusionistic spaces and bending forms as “digital taffy”. She received her BFA in painting/drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in December 2015 and has been living and working in her hometown of Denver ever since. Charney has painted murals and exhibited work throughout Colorado, Florida, California, Illinois and Alaska.