Moe Gram and the PlatteForum ArtLab Interns


Mariah Sherman Graham, known in the Denver art community as Moe Gram, is a local artist, designer and owner of the fine art brand Moe Gram Art & Lifestyle, LLC. Born and raised in southern California, Moe Gram’s life became heavily influenced by hip hop culture and urban LA Street Art. These memories and exposure to cultural diversity are huge inspirations for works by Gram.

ArtLab is an innovative year-round, out-of-school program for under-resourced high school youth that integrates the creative process and arts-based learning with academic, personal, and professional skill development. ArtLab youth are involved in the creation and presentation of major works, mentored by professional artists, and participate in workshops directed by visiting artists. All projects address social issues affecting their generation, which create opportunities to support youth voice.