Colorful alleys. Small and creative businesses. Microbreweries, coffee shops. Train tracks. Food for palates and food for thought. RiNo Art District lives up to its name. The Denver neighborhood radiates a spirit that pushes people to create newness, break the mold, reinvent. It’s a neighborhood of creators and makers, a place of discovery where culture and sustainable development are taken in hand by a the people and make up the local community.


RiNo is Where art is made. It started as a grassroots movement, comprised of four historical neighborhoods: Globeville, Elyria-Swansea, Five Points and Cole. And art’s leading place in RiNo is no stranger to organisation of the district and the huge contribution of RiNo’s GID and BID, who work in tandem with the RiNo Art District to deliver services to strategically grow and manage RiNo while helping to preserve the unique industrial and artistic character of the neighborhood.

Staying close to its roots, RiNo oozes creative culture here, there and everywhere you step foot in the neighborhood. Long live street art, and long live the RiNo Art District!