For nine years now, CRUSH WALLS has stayed close to its roots, its mission. CRUSH: Creative Rituals Under Social Harmony. A vision that’s as important as art itself, and guides us in choosing partners who adhere to what we believe in.

United communities, conscious developers, creative entrepreneurs – this is what CRUSH is all about, it is what makes it strong and what sets it apart. Our roots make us want to work with people like Norma Morales Perez, at EDENS, a human-oriented, culturally interested real-estate owner, operator and developer.

Art is human expression and without it, our places are simply bricks and mortar. Investing in public art is integral to our placemaking ethos at EDENS. As social beings, we want to spend time and gather in places that we identify with and give us pride. Art does that – it gives us the intangible soul and character we’re after. Public art drives conversation within communities, breaking down barriers. The breaking of those barriers reveals opportunity which drives progress. We know that when people come together they feel a part of something bigger than themselves and prosperity follows – economically, socially, culturally and soulfully.
— Norma Morales Perez, EDENS

EDENS owns and operates a total of seven buildings anchored in Denver’s market, and makes it its priority to preserve the urban charm and unique industrial feel. A conscience that goes hand in hand with CRUSH’s mission.

Invest in human expression; and prosperity follows.
— Norma Moralez Perez, EDENS