We Were Wild (Meredith Feniak & Risa Friedman) and Anthony Garcia, Sr.


We Were Wild’s wheat paste collages combine their own photography of the changing city with fabrics, botanical images and historical photos. Meredith Feniak experiments with both ancient and modern artistic techniques and materials. Her experience as a botanical artist and illustrator injects flora and fauna into We Were Wild’s paste ups. Risa Friedman is a photographer and paper artist. She explores the built environment through a focus on architectural detail and color. Both artists have degrees in sociology which fuels their fascination with the evolving city and the interactive elements of their work. The disintegration of their street art is as important as the creation of each piece.

Anthony Garcia, Sr. has been an active member of the Denver public art scene for over ten years - as artist, community activist and overall promoter of the arts. He serves as executive director of Birdseed Collective, runs Alto Gallery and is a current resident artist at Redline Contemporary Art Center. His murals and installations can be seen across Denver. He was named the 2015 Westword Mastermind and a 2019 5280 Disruptor.